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Please note that this is my ministry; not my job and not a business. Response time may take a few days as I have a family, a full-time job and a volunteer children's ministry position at our church. Please do not send repeated requests to let me know that you have not heard from me if it has been less than a week. Doing so only fills up my in-box and it takes me even longer to catch up. As a VBS director myself, I understand how much work goes into VBS and the stress that it sometimes brings. I will respond to your emails as quickly as I am able. Telling me that you need to hear from me ASAP will not improve response time. Your patience is appreciated.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks to process loan and receive materials. I'm sorry, we are unable to accommodate requests for programs with a start date sooner than 2 weeks.

To request materials, complete the below form in its entirety.